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Knowing what to shred is vital!

It's NOT just about the paper.

Proof of Protection

After every paper shredding pick-up we receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been securely destroyed.

More than peace of mind, the Certificate of Destruction is proof your information is no longer at risk and your business is compliant with relevant privacy laws.

Chain of Custody:

The better-than-industry standards start with the secure chain of custody protocols. Shred-It invests in the latest technologies to ensure end-to-end tracking of your materials:

Barcode scan on every locked container

Locked trucks and secure processes keep materials safe in transit

GPS-tracked fleets

Secure, monitored facilities

What to Shred:

Although individual needs may vary, here is a
good indication of what to shred:

∙ ∙ Accounting and Information Technology
∙ Contracts
∙ Customer lists
∙ Internal reports
∙ Payroll statements
∙ Supplier information
∙ Executive Level
∙ Budgets
∙ Correspondence
∙ Legal contracts
∙ Strategic reports
∙ Human Resources
∙ Applications
∙ Health and safety issues
∙ Medical records
∙ Payroll information
∙ Performance appraisals
∙ Training information and manuals
∙ Procurement
∙ Corporate records
∙ Supplier purchase orders
∙ Supplier records
∙ Supplier specifications
  Research and Development
∙ Appraisals, product testing, etc.
∙ Formulas, product plans and tests
∙ New product information
∙ Reports
∙ Specification drawings
∙ Sales and Marketing
∙ Advertising
∙ Customer lists and contracts
∙ Strategies
∙ Training information

Still Confused?
Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer YES to any of the questions, then SHRED the document.

∙  Does it have any personal identifiable information?
∙ Does it contain information protected by privacy laws?
∙ Does it share any confidential corporate information?
∙ Does the document list any financial information?
Confidential information comes in many forms.
Shred-it is able to help your organization protect the proprietary materials that could put your company or brand at risk if they were obtained by criminals, a competitor, or the public.

Corporate promotional items and incentives

Old sales brochures and price books

Training binders

Building entry cards

Employee ID badges

X-rays, MRIs, and other medical recordings

Expired credit cards and driver’s licenses

Prescription pill bottles and other expired
medication containers

Old uniforms, identity cards, and badges

Casino chips/Playing cards