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Digital Conversion

Done On Site




We can scan almost anything you need to an electronic format.

Inhouse: up to 11x17

Outsource: up to 42" - $15/image

Tape to DVD




VHS, VHS-C,  Beta, DV, Mini DV,
Hi8, Video 8 
tapes converted to DVD.

Additional copies $5 each
Must be requested at time of order.

Cleaning - $7 per tape

Movie Film to DVD



Measure the diameter of the reel...
a reel 3 in dia =    50 ft
a reel 4 in dia = 100 ft
a reel 5 in dia = 200 ft
a reel 6 in dia = 300 ft

Price includes one DVD.
Additional copies $5.00 each

Add Segment Titles $5.00/DVD
Add your music  $7.00/DVD

Film to  DVD



Slides, Negatives, Positives,  View Master, Brownie,  Color, Black & White,  120 and Disc.

*includes color touch-up.

Additional fees apply for; slideshows, music and titles. 

$7 shipping charge for return,
if done online.

FLIP-BOOKS  coming soon.


Most commonly asked questions...

How long is my film?

Can a VHS tape be cleaned if it is moldy? 

Do you do the conversion on-site?

Measuring the diameter of your reel...
a reel 3 in dia =    50 ft; 3 - 4 min. run time
a reel 4 in dia = 100 ft; 7 - 8 min. run time
a reel 5 in dia = 200 ft; 14 - 16 min. run time
a reel 6 in dia = 300 ft; 21 - 24 min. run time
Yes, We can clean a tape that has mold in it.  Depending upon how much mold is on it  will dictate the quality of the image on the tape.
Yes.  The conversion is done on-site.  Contact us for a schedule or wait time for processing.